What’s the Best Electric Hedge Trimmer

If there are fruit trees, berry bushes or a hedge in a summer residence, it is difficult to care for such plants using a pruner. It will not be possible to smoothly trim the green border, and to remove excess and dried shoots, trees and bushes require physical strength and a lot of time. In this case, the purchase of a special tool called a hedge trimmer will help. Sometimes it is denoted by a longer term – scissors for pruning trees. A distinctive feature of this device is the massive and long blades.

Features of different types of tools
Depending on what the device activates – physical efforts of a person, an electric motor or a gasoline engine, hedge trimmer are divided into 3 types.

  1. Hand tools for pruning trees and shrubs. It is also called mechanical.
  2. Electric hedge trimmer.
  3. hedge trimmer with a petrol motor.

Electroscissors for cutting bushes, in turn, depending on the type of power are divided into network models and running on battery power, details – http://my-garden-hammock.com/2016/08/black-decker-hh2455-corded-hedge-trimmer-review/.

Hand bush cutters

Hand bush cutters

Externally, the tool looks like a massive scissors with elongated blades and handles. Weigh the device differently, depending on the material of the manufacture of the blades and the arm. For example, models of the popular brand Gardena weight category is about 800 grams. You can work with such a tool in any weather conditions.

To cut trees and shrubs manually, a person has to make efforts. Some models for the distribution of effort are equipped with a ratchet mechanism that allows hedge trimmer 3-4 mm thick with a few clicks. Also on sale you can find a telescopic hedge trimmer, featuring movable handles: it can cut pruning branches, which are difficult to get to.

Garden electric shears

The form factor of the appliance is different from the usual scissors. The apparatus is equipped with a large number of short, relatively moving knives. The blades are reinforced in pairs in perpendicular rows on both sides of the skeleton, protruding 20-50 cm from the body. There are also models with a longer cutting element. Inside the case there is an electric motor.

Blades of garden electric shears are made of steel (bottom) and self-sharpening metal (upper). The quality of the trimming depends on the parameter, such as the speed of the knives. Sharpening the blades of individual models can be one-sided or two-sided.

Models on batteries

The device with a battery power source is capable of working on an average of 2-3 hours on average. The battery life depends on the power consumption of the motor and the battery reserve. Due to their light weight and mobility, electric shears for battery-powered bushes make it possible to efficiently process branches in hard-to-reach places. As the batteries in different models, nickel-cadmium or lithium-ion batteries are used.

It is worth noting that the network electric shavers are more powerful than battery analogs and can work for a longer time. There are models with two handles and a blade up to 80-84 cm long, capable of coping with larger branches. And the presence of an additional device in the form of a bar allows you to reach the branches at a height of 3-4 meters, without resorting to the use of stairs.