What are Hedge Trimmers Used For

Not everyone has time to maintain the garden in perfect condition. But even lawns and neatly trimmed hedges are more than half the success.

A good hedge trimmer in the garden business is an irreplaceable thing. Making sure that with his help, the cutting of all trees and bushes will take less than an hour (and sometimes even a few minutes), you will cease to treat this event as a great feat, for which you have to gather with the spirit for 2-3 weeks. Everything can be done without superfluous efforts, qualitatively, and most importantly – on time. It is important only to choose a model successfully.

The capacity of garden shears, cheap hedge trimmer, depends on their productivity, and therefore, the speed of work, and the quality of the cut. Tool with a weak motor strives to heal the most stable shoots.

Garden shears are used not only for cutting shrubs. They can quickly cut off the autumn “tops” in withering flower gardens or cut small flaps of lawn in areas of complex configuration.

Scissors with gasoline engine

This tool is designed for those who set themselves great tasks. The high power of the gasoline engine makes it easy to snack even relatively thick branches. Autonomous work, the ability to refuel the engine on site – all this is appreciated by professional gardeners. Recently, manufacturers have done a lot to overcome the traditional shortcomings of motorcycles: noise, vibration, “excess” weight, but the management of a gasoline brush cutter still requires more skill than battery power.

Husqvarna 123 HD 60

The model is close to the needs of the private user. The advantages of professional technology – the perfect cut quality, productivity – are combined with ease of use. It will suit both professionals and private owners of gardens, who prefer “serious” tools.


The scissors with powerful counter res are suitable for the care of any plantings, including in a neglected garden. Like professionals and owners of suburban areas, facing a large amount of work.

Garden electric shears

Garden electric shears

This category includes models that work from the outlet. For large landscapes, the presence of a scissors wire is considered a disadvantage, but if in your garden fences and topiary forms are compact, this option looks attractive, given that prices for inexpensive models start from 1.5-2 thousand rubles. During work, you have to make sure that the wire does not get caught in the teeth by the moving blades, but there are also advantages: the best price-performance ratio and low weight.

Gardena EasyCut 42

Light electric brushcutter with comfortable grip. For mistresses who dream of turning routine work into pleasure. The quality of the cut is ensured by the improved geometry of the knives.

Gardena ErgoCut 48

The model will appeal to enthusiastic horticulturists, who have a lot of landings that need care. The blades of this brush cutter are rotated by 90 °, so that the user is always in a comfortable position.

Cordless brush cutters

Like gasoline, they work autonomously, but they weigh a lot less. This gave manufacturers the opportunity to significantly expand the functions of some models. You can choose scissors with interchangeable attachments, which allow you to master different forms of haircuts, or a model with a telescoping handle to tie up tall hedges. Usually hours of battery life are enough to go around the whole garden: shave 15-20 meters of hedges, several separately standing shrubs.