Which Hedge Trimmer is the Best

A good garden plot is lawns, flower beds, trees, and also – without fail – bushes, serving as a fence, and decoration, and protection from extraneous views. Gently trim the bushes, giving them a beautiful shape and well-groomed appearance – quite a difficult occupation. Large and comfortable sharp scissors, quickly and independently cutting bushes and other tree-like vegetation, without requiring the expenditure of physical strength, (the dream of every gardener!) Are now produced by well-known world companies for the production of garden machinery and are called capacious and simple – brush cutters.

The extensive family of scissors-brush cutters includes several types of tools.

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From the simplest: hedge trimmer

Manual models of hedge trimmer (secateurs) – mechanical (practically, the same ordinary garden scissors) – the tool is reliable and tested, but they have a number of significant drawbacks. At first. a strong load on the muscles & nbsp; of the hands – is only useful as a simulator. Secondly, their productivity is extremely low. And thirdly, such scissors split the tips of branches, the bush loses its strength in order to heal the wounds inflicted. In a word, only positive is cheapness and simplicity in circulation.

To more complex: electric, battery, gasoline

Hedge trimmer working on engines, give an ideal shape to bushes, so that they do not split, so they heal as quickly as possible. Depending on the energy that is used, brush cutters are divided into electric and gasoline.

Electric hedge trimmer

They are also called garden hedge trimmer – must be permanently connected to the power grid by a cable, because they are fed from it. It is clear that the range of such tools is limited. To cut the bushes from all sides, you need an extension cord. But if access to the electrical network allows – do not hesitate, choose an electric hedge trimmer. It is cheap and very light. In addition, it does not rustle or vibrate, and can also work in indoor greenhouses, without poisoning the air with carbon dioxide.

You simply recharge the battery from the network and get a great mobile device. Of course, the charging time is limited (about an hour), and the power is not very high, but for small thickets, with branches about 10 mm in diameter – that’s it.

Gas hedge trimmer

Gasoline brushcutters

More expensive and heavier, but the power with them can not be compared to any other garden tools. They easily cut both thick and thin branches simultaneously, providing a neat cut. In addition, you can safely work in remote areas of the house. The generated noise and air pollution in modern gasoline engine hedge trimmer from the firms Bosh, Oleo-Mac, Garden.

A few more nuances

  • In addition to the engine and knives, the brush cutter should have a comfortable handle, with the girth of which does not strain fingers and forearms, as this affects the quality of work and its duration.
  • An important indicator is the stopping speed. Many firms equip the brush cutter with the “instant stop” function for safety. A sharp knife stops for hundredths of a second.
  • A mandatory indicator of a quality cutting tool – protection against accidental starting – must be present in the hedge trimmer.
  • Very convenient and safe in work model hedge trimmer with shields, protecting the operator from accidental rebound of the instrument.
  • If your bushes are high, get a brush cutter with a telescopic handle. In this case, the staircase will be without you.
  • On expensive brush cutters from well-known brands there is a unique function – “water level”, helping to cut evenly (parallel to the ground).