Review of Campbell Hausfeld HS5180 Air Compressor

A power compressor is really handy in any woodworking shop. From coloring boards to finishing woods, an air compressor is paramount to delivering effective results. Aside from woodworking projects, an ideal compressor has its usage in many industries including automotive, construction, mechanical workshop and others. However, buying the right compressor is important to make the most out of the tool. Many folks end up with an inferior quality compressor that doesn’t live up their expectations. If you are one of these folks, you may want to buy the HS5180, Campbell Hausfeld air compressors. The following review will give you a brief idea why you should invest in this air compressor.

Features of Campbell Hausfeld HS5180 Air Compressors

Varied applications

The HS5180 is usable in a number of industries. You can use the machine for automotive spray painting, cutting sheet metal, sanding work, grinding in woodworking workshop and others.


The fully enclosed metal guard belt ensures a high degree of safety. As such, you can concentrate on your work without getting worried about any safety issues.


Constant supply of compressed air

The two stage pump of the air compressor provides up to about 12,000 hours of extended life when delivering 14 CFM of compressed air at 90 PSI. You could get a constant supply of air while you are working on a major project.

Easy to store

The compressor tank, though big in size, is a vertical model. Storing the machine is not an issue even in a small-sized workshop.



The biggest plus of HS180 is its speed. The model is able to deliver compressed air quickly. You can finish your job in a lot less time. Also, the tank is able to deliver compressed air for a long time even during a power outage, making it easier to complete your job on time.



The model is highly durable to last longer. No matter how often you use the compressor, the machine will stand the testing of time and allow you to deliver quality results over and over.


Cleaning and maintaining the machine is not a big chore. With a damp cloth, you can wipe off any dirt and debris that could accumulate on the compressor.


The HS5180 model is Eco-friendly. It doesn’t create much noise and allows you to carry out your work smoothly with no issue.


The only downside is the model comes with a bigger price tag. However, the price is worth the quality of compressed air delivered by the machine. Also, the machine is durable enough to serve you for years. As such, you can easily recoup the cost of the machine by delivering quality performance over and over.


Thus, it gets pretty clear from the above review that HS5180, Campbell Hausfeld air compressors is a must have for professionals in various industries. Ease of usage, quick supply of compressed air, durability and ease of storage are some of the highlighting benefits of HS5180. This is why more and more carpenters and other professionals prefer to buy this compressor to get a constant supply of compressed air for their projects. If you want to invest in a top quality compressor, buy the HS5180 and you could ease your tasks while enriching the quality and performance of your projects.

Campbell Hausfeld Air Compressor Set Up and Operation

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