What Is The Best Electric Hand Planer for Woodworkers

In the previous years, the woodworkers and carpenters used hand planers to make the wood smooth. Hand planer is the handheld electrical tool that is used for wood cutting and shaping. By using such planer, woodworkers cut the wood in shapes and it also can shape the doors that are too tight to open. Hand planer is also used to clean rough surfaces. Nowadays many people think that these tools are the waste and useless. But in fact, these tools are one of the best and important tools for woodworkers.

Hand planers are low-cost power tools that must be in the woodworker’s toolbox. In these days also some of the professional carpenters and woodworkers use a hand planer to smooth the wood. An electric hand planer is a heavy tool. Electric hand planer is used to flat a finessed piece and for small projects, it goes well, like making doors cutting boards and smoothening wood and more. Hence this tool is a most important tool in the toolboxes of the carpenters and woodworkers.

How to use an electric hand planer:

It is the handheld machine. First, you should fix the machine to make it to its work. In the process adjust the blade then lower the blade with the adjustment knob and then press the start button. Now you can see the machine is working. Here you place the wood that should be shaped and smoothened. The planer is used to level a wood surface. Use the handle and guide it to level the surface in a straight line; it is used to craft many kinds of wood and give it shape and hence, it is the useful tool for woodworkers.


Unlocking the blade:

The blade is unlocked when it needs to be changed after the prolonged use, nearly in maximum three months blade need to be changed.

Types of electric hand planers:

Many electric hand planers are present these days in the market. Among them, the best electric hand planer is Makita KP0810 7.5 Amp hand planer.

MakitaKP0810 7.5 Amp Hand Planer:

MakitaKP0810 is the best electric planer; it is a handheld device used to shape the wood. Its weight is only 7.3 lbs. This model is the most powerful planer as it comes with 7.5 amp motor that produces 16000 RPMs so it is the perfect tool to do any job. lt has two heads and three grooves that range from 1,5mm-4mm.The depth can be increased to 1 mm for their important works. Its power source is the corded-electric. lt has two cutter heads. This one is lightweight and it is most useful to shave the paint and widen the frames. It has the chip bag that cleans and reduces the dust the air, these chip bag cannot catch the entire dust but it reduces the dust and prevent flying in the air. As the wood is to be cut in many shapes it has the depth adjustment. The small knob on the side of the planer is the depth adjustment knob. By adjusting it you can monitor the depth of your cutting and shaving, and do many works. The tool is with rubberized handles that allow you to control the process and do the complicated operations. It can be safely assumed that this model is the best electric hand planer for woodworkers.

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